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2023 Legislative Package

The wellbeing of constituents and being a voice for the Central Coast are critical. This is why my bill package includes the following:

  • AB 80: West Coast Offshore Wind Science Entity – Requires California to build a strong science-based monitoring program to better understand the impact of offshore wind energy development on ocean life and habitat.
  • AB 318: Mobilehomes Residency Law Protection Program – Extends the much-needed Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Program, thereby allowing a vulnerable and often ignored population of Californians their right to seek justice.
  • AB 358: California Community College Housing Act – Allows California community colleges to more efficiently carry out student housing plans by streamlining the approval process.
  • AB 370: Biliteracy Advancement Act – Allows flexibility for English learners to demonstrate their multi-lingual competency when applying for the State Seal of Biliteracy.
  • AB 444: Stronger Defense Communities Act – Permits military communities in California to access federal dollars to build and improve infrastructure around the state's military bases.
  • AB 452: Justice for Survivors of Child Sex Abuse – Removes barriers that prevent minors who have experienced sexual abuse from seeking justice against their abusers and the institutions that concealed or ignored their claims.
  • AB 720: Conservation Ranching – Ensures ranchers and other private landowners have a financial incentive to implement grazing practices that restore grassland, soil, and biodiversity on some of California's most endangered landscapes.
  • AB 839: Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly – Expands funding eligibility for Residential Care Facilities to reduce borrowing costs and support affordable, senior living communities.
  • AB 840: CSU Tied-House Exemption Program – Widens sponsorship opportunities for small businesses and CSU campuses (including those at Cal Poly and CSUMB) which will help support various campus programs.
  • AB 877: Good Neighbor Tax Credit – Provides motels, hotels, and other commercial spaces an incentive to house displaced residents during a declared state of emergency.
  • AB 1123: Paid Parental Leave Act – Enables CSU employees to take an academic term of paid parental/family leave.
  • AB 1147: Disability Equity and Accountability Act – Strengthens the oversight of California regional centers to improve outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • AB 1407: Ocean Life Recovery Act – Establishes the Ocean Restoration and Recovery Fund that targets ocean resilience and recovery by establishing clear restoration for acres of kelp forests, eelgrass meadows, and native oyster beds.