Natural and Working Lands Climate Goal

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The health of California’s natural and working lands are linked directly to the health of our climate and communities. The priority California places on stewarding and conserving these lands will determine how well we fight climate change and prepare for climate impacts that may take a dramatic toll on our environment and our communities. California’s lands can play a critical role in capturing and storing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and its impacts. AB 2954 calls on relevant state agencies and other relevant agencies to establish a climate goal for California's natural and working lands to capture carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

AB 2954 will require, in accordance with the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, relevant state agencies and departments to identify a climate goal for California’s natural and working lands to capture carbon and reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions when updating the next scoping plan.

AB 2954 Factsheet

Click the video below to see the rollout of AB 2954 and my presentation in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

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