Big Sur Bathroom Task Force formed to deal with open defecation

Friday, August 11, 2017

MONTEREY, Calif. — Bathrooms in Big Sur are few and far between and tourists have been finding other places to relieve themselves for years, but locals say this year the problem has reached new level of disgusting.

“People are open defecating,” said Big Sur resident Joel Depola. 

At Friday’s Big Sur Multi-Agency Advisory Council the problem of human waste was on the agenda and Assemblywoman Anna Caballero volunteered to take on the challenge.

“What you see is residents walking out to their mailboxes, going out to their driveways, and finding human waste in their yard, and it's unacceptable,” Caballero said.

Big Sur resident Martha Diehl said she is one of those Big Sur residents picking up human feces in her driveway.

“This is not a job I signed up for,” Diehl said at the meeting on Friday.

The longtime Monterey County resident said her home is near Garrapata State Park, and the bathrooms at the park have been closed this year because of the 2016 Soberanes Fire.