First street gets smoother

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A collective sigh of relief has been heard across Gilroy in response to the recent street paving up and down First Street—between Santa Teresa and the intersection of Monterey Road and Leavesley Avenue. As the road condition increasingly worsened over the last few years, locals and visitors began circumventing the bumpy, pothole-riddled street that is the main artery to grocery stores, retail, restaurants and many other services.

But thanks to the efforts of Mayor Roland Velasco, the street recently received emergency, temporary repairs. “I am hesitant to say the road has been fixed—it’s been improved—but my goal is to properly rebuild the road,” said Mayor Velasco.

The problem started when First Street, in reality, State Highway 152, started to deteriorate several years ago. Mayor Velasco explains, “I first asked about repairing our streets when I was elected to the City Council in 2014, but was told that we are waiting for the State’s approval to complete a water line project before we could address the roads. And more importantly, because it is a state highway, the state of California is legally responsible and must pre-approve any work to it.”