Health benefits for agribusinesses: UnitedAg holds 4th Annual Member Health Benefits Forums for agribusiness employers

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

IRVINE, Calif. — Converge 2017, UnitedAg’s 4thAnnual Health Benefits Forums were held in Fresno, Santa Maria, and Salinas, September 26 – 28. The program builds upon UnitedAg’s ethos by showcasing the nontraditional way UnitedAg creates the health plan from the patient outwards. The theme of ‘Converge’ emphasized UnitedAg’s commitment to focusing on the members and creating a culture of innovation through collaboration.

“We are reimagining healthcare as something that is centered around the patient and their personal experiences,” said Christopher McDonald, Director of Product Development and Underwriting. “We are building relationships with members and health providers that share the same vision as us, such as those at their regional clinics including our Mexico Panel and Teladoc.”

Forum sessions included; the new Teladoc Challenge, the first peek at the 2017 Health Benefits Benchmark Report, information about the new AgSafe Partnership and opportunities to learn about the UnitedAg Health and Wellness Clinic in the different regions.  All the regional events were extremely well-attended by UnitedAg Members and guests.

Assembly member Anna Caballero attended the event and talked about why the event was important. “People [of the agricultural industry] … work really hard not only to produce the food we eat, but also to help us maintain our rural agricultural economy,” said Assembly member Anna Caballero, “The ability to cover people and make sure they can access medical help when they need it is really, really important.”