Governor Brown Supports Safe Storage of Opioids

Friday, August 31, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Anna Caballero today applauded Governor Brown for signing AB 2859, which requires community pharmacies to carry safe storage products that keep medications locked and secured at home.

“I want to thank Governor Brown for recognizing the importance of AB 2859 to rural communities where opioid addiction is at its highest” said Caballero. “Millions of Californians currently have an active opioid prescription. This wide prevalence has led to an increase in accidental poisonings amongst toddlers, which has tripled since 1997, and early abuse among teens, who can easily access these highly addictive drugs from a regular medicine bottle.”

“AB 2859 addresses this child safety problem by requiring pharmacies to carry safe storage devices that keep medications safely secured. This will increase the education of parents who are prescribed opioids about better storage practices to help safeguard children from accidental ingestion or curious experimentation, which can lead to early-onset abuse” Caballero said. “AB 2859 is a small but important step to better protect children during this complex public health crisis.”