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Dawn Addis Sworn in as Assemblymember for District 30

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA – Dawn Addis (D-Morro Bay) was sworn in today as the Assemblymember for District 30 in a ceremony at the State Capitol. The district that Addis now represents stretches from southern San Luis Obispo County to the Santa Cruz harbor, including the Monterey Peninsula, Big Sur, and the City of Morro Bay, where she recently served as a council member.

"I am deeply honored to earn the support of the people from the Central Coast, and I will make sure their voice is heard in Sacramento,” Addis said. “The California that people across the globe seek is right here in Assembly District 30. From Pleasure Point, across the Monterey Bay, and south along 200 miles of America's most pristine coastline — we have so much to protect and be proud of. The great challenge of our times is to build resilience to the changing climate, expand opportunities for all and make it affordable to live here, while preserving the things we love. I look forward to solving these issues together, and I am ready to get to work."

As a Morro Bay City council member, Dawn Addis worked to protect our coast, increase equity, and promote the things that make the Central Coast a wonderful place to be. Her long record of community involvement includes co-founding the Women’s March in San Luis Obispo, being a Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund board member and serving as a public school educator for over 20 years.

Addis is the first Democrat to represent the majority of San Luis Obispo County in the State Assembly since 1947. She is also the first Democrat from San Luis Obispo County to serve in the State Assembly since Alexander McMillan was elected in 1922. Addis is the first Democratic woman ever to hold this seat.

Addis and her husband, Marcus, are the proud parents of two children, and live with a cat named Oppenheimer.