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Standing Committees


Primary jurisdictions are proposed amendments to the rules, and other matters relating to the business of the Legislature.

Higher Education

Primary jurisdictions are university, state university, and community college systems, postsecondary education, and student financial aid.

Military and Veterans Affairs

Primary areas of interest are the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) and its programs, including the Farm and Home Loan Program, the VHHP, the CVSO Subvention Program and the Veterans Homes; and the California Military Department and its units, operations and programs, including the National Guard, the State Guard, CMD youth programs and the Cyber Network Defense team.

Natural Resources

Primary jurisdiction includes air quality, climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), coastal protection, forestry, land conservation, oil spills, solid waste and recycling.

Public Employment and Retirement

Primary jurisdiction is oversight of public employment such as state, local (excluding laws administered by local employment relations boards or commissions), and classified school employees, employer-employee relations laws administered by the Public Employment Relations Board, and the administration of public officer and public employee retirement, benefits and investment strategy.

Select Committees



Master Plan for Higher Education in California

Mental Health Accessibility within Non-English Speaking Communities

Non-Profit Sector

Chair, Offshore Wind Energy in California

Place Based Systems of Coordinated Care for Children and Families

Reproductive Health

Sea Level Rise and the California Economy

Chair, Serving Students with Disabilities

State Parks

Wildfire Prevention


Joint Committees

Vice Chair, Fisheries and Aquaculture