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Assistant Majority Leader for Policy and Research

The duties of the Assistant Majority Leader for Policy and Research include supporting the Majority Leader's efforts to represent the Speaker on the Floor including advancing Assembly Floor proceedings and assisting the Speaker and leadership team with program development, policy formation and policy decisions.

Chair, California Legislative Central Coast Caucus (CLCCC)

Resilient coastal communities add so much to California's cultural, environmental, and economic fabric. The goals of the California Legislative Central Coast Caucus are to raise the profile of the Central Coast in the Legislature and to identify and prioritize issues important to the region for caucus advocacy before state and federal government. Members of the Caucus represent the following five counties: Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.

Standing Committees


Primary jurisdictions are K-12 education generally, certificated employees of schools, school finance, and school facilities.

Water, Parks and Wildlife

Primary jurisdictions are water resources, flood management, fish and game, parks and recreation, and wildlife.

Military and Veterans Affairs

Primary areas of interest are the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) and its programs, including the Farm and Home Loan Program, the VHHP, the CVSO Subvention Program and the Veterans Homes; and the California Military Department and its units, operations and programs, including the National Guard, the State Guard, CMD youth programs and the Cyber Network Defense team.

Government Organization

Primary jurisdictions include Alcoholic Beverage Control, Indian gaming, horse racing, public gaming, State Lottery, tobacco products, Outdoor Advertising Act, State contracting, open meetings laws as they affect state government, Offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Controller, and State Treasurer, and State holidays, seals, and official acts.

Select Committees



Master Plan for Higher Education in California

Mental Health Accessibility within Non-English Speaking Communities

Non-Profit Sector

Chair, Offshore Wind Energy in California

Place Based Systems of Coordinated Care for Children and Families

Reproductive Health

Sea Level Rise and the California Economy

Chair, Serving Students with Disabilities

State Parks

Wildfire Prevention


Joint Committees

Vice Chair, Fisheries and Aquaculture