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Governor Signs Addis' Justice for Survivors Act

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Legislation by Assemblymember Dawn Addis (D-Morro Bay) and Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) to end California's arbitrary civil statute of limitations for minors who have experienced sexual abuse was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom today. With the enactment of Assembly Bill 452, California joins numerous states and the federal government in reforming its laws on child sexual assault.

"I'm grateful to Governor Newsom for his steadfast commitment to justice for survivors of child sexual assault," Addis said. "With the Governor's signing of AB 452, California has removed cruel and arbitrary barriers to healing and justice. While there is much more work to do, California has taken a critical step forward in letting survivors know that their voices matter regardless of when they come forward."

AB 452 – introduced jointly with Skinner – eliminates the time limit for the recovery of damages suffered as a result of childhood sexual assault for civil actions that arise on or after January 1, 2024. Specifically, the bill applies to claims in which the childhood sexual assault occurred on or after that date.

"With the shame and secrecy that surround most incidents of childhood sexual assault and abuse, it can take decades for many survivors to confront their experience. Processing trauma and painful memories is complex and can't be put on a timetable. That's why I was proud to co-author AB 452 with Assemblymember Addis to end California's arbitrary time limit for when survivors of childhood sexual assault can seek justice in court," said Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley. "With Governor Newsom's signing of AB 452, going forward, children who suffer abuse will have no time limit for when they can hold to account those who abuse them and those who aid or allow the abuse to happen or cover it up."

AB 452 will become law on January 1, 2024.

Dawn Addis was elected to the California State Assembly in 2022 to represent the coastal 30th Assembly District, which includes large portions of San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties and the south-eastern area of Santa Cruz County.

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