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Addis Urges NOAA to Expand Proposed Chumash Marine Sanctuary

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Dawn Addis (D-Morro Bay) sent the following letter to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in support of the designation of the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. In the letter, Addis urged NOAA to forgo the agency-preferred alternative that excludes ocean waters off Morro Bay and Cayucos from protection in favor of a sanctuary that unifies the entire ocean area off the Central Coast. Addis submitted her letter to NOAA before the end of the comment period on October 25, 2023.

The text of the letter is below.

Dawn Addis was elected to the California State Assembly in 2022 to represent the coastal 30th Assembly District, which includes large portions of San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties and the south-eastern area of Santa Cruz County.

CONTACT: Jim Evans, 916-319-2030