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Central Coast Legislative Caucus Announces 2024 Bill Package

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO— The California Central Coast Caucus, chaired by Assemblymember Dawn Addis (D-Morro Bay), unveiled its bill priorities for the 2024 legislative session.

"This first-ever California Legislative Central Coast Caucus (CLCCC) Bill Package meets California's needs while reflecting Central Coast values", Addis said. "Our package reflects a diverse set of issues important to our region, and all of California. These include protecting our oceans and natural world, creating accountability for the oil industry, improving emergency planning, reducing plastics, and ensuring fair elections. The CLCCC is proud to offer a bill package that will move the needle for our region while improving the well-being of countless communities across California."

The legislative package is comprised of ten bill priorities each poised to address critical issues facing the region:

AB 1407 (Addis) accelerates California's marine habitat restoration efforts by establishing recovery goals for critical ocean ecosystems and a state structure to develop and support restoration projects.

AB 2537 (Addis) establishes the Local and Tribal Communities Offshore Wind Capacity Building Fund. This bill will enhance the ability of local communities and tribes to actively participate in the offshore wind development process.

AB 2079 (Bennett) ensures that well permitting agencies and groundwater sustainability agencies comply with the Governor's Executive Orders on groundwater well permitting-aligning land use planning, well permitting, and groundwater management and use.

AB 2648 (Bennett) phases out California's contracts to purchase single-use plastic bottles.

AB 1866 (Hart) addresses the ongoing climate and public health crisis of idle oil wells. The bill requires oil operators to develop a comprehensive plan to expeditiously plug the estimated 40,000 idle oil wells in California within the next decade.

AB 2298 (Hart) creates the California Blue Whales and Blue Skies Program, a voluntary vessel speed reduction program to incentivize ocean-going vessels to reduce their speed.

SB 977 (Laird) establishes the San Luis Obispo Independent Redistricting Commission.

SB 1101 (Limόn) launches a planning process to identify boundaries for managing wildfire and implement prescribed fire projects more quickly.

SB 1135 (Limόn) provides a tax credit for California farmers, ranchers, and landowners who employ farming practices that maximize carbon sequestration on natural and working lands.

AB 2103 (Pellerin) speeds up the land acquisition process and permanently protects lands for conservation, cultural, or recreational purposes for the Big Basin Redwoods, Año Nuevo, and Butano State Parks.

Further updates on the progress of these bills are anticipated as they move through the legislative process in the State Assembly and State Senate.

Formed in 2023, the Central Coast Legislative Caucus includes representation from the following counties: Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. The caucus identifies and prioritizes issues important to the region for caucus advocacy before the state and federal government, including in the state budget process.

Dawn Addis was elected to the California State Assembly in 2022 to represent the coastal 30th Assembly District, which includes San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.

CONTACT: Julie Cravotto, (916) 319-2030